I believe there is a person who brings sunshine into your life. That person may have enough to spread around. But if you have to wait for someone to bring you the sun and give you a good feeling, you may have to wait a long time.


  In the flood of darkness, hope is the light. It brings comfort, faith, and confidence. It guides us when we are lost and provides support when afraid. And the moment we give up hope, we give up our lives. The world we live in is disintegrating into a place of malice and hatred, where we need hope and find it harder. In this world of fear, I hope to see better, but easier said than done, the more meaningful life of faith will make life meaningful.


  Only when you understand the true meaning of life can you live genuinely. Bittersweet as life is, it’s still excellent, fascinating even in tragedy. If you’re just alive, try harder and try to live wonderfully.


  Sometimes, we think of dreams as fantasies - it’s easy to do when you have money, rent, and work. But you can’t prepare yourself and jump off the cliff: you should grow your wings first. A little bit toward the dream. Step by step. Take action forward. After all, it’s your mission.


  No one can help others as much as you do. No one can express himself like you. No one can say what you want to convey. No one can comfort others in your way. No one can be as understanding as you are. No one can feel happy and carefree, and no one can smile as much as you. In a word, no one can show your features to anyone else.


  Keep faith and hope for the future. Make your most sincere dreams, and when the opportunities come, they will fight for them. It may take a season or more, but the ending will not change. Ambition, best, becomes a reality. In an uncertain future, only one step at a time, hope can realize the dream of the highest. We must treasure the imagination, protect it as a season, and let it in the heart quietly germinal. However, we have to gently protect our hearts’ deep expectations and slowly dream and achieve a new life.